Deep Sea Seated Concrete Solid


Label: sewer sender

Catno: SSNDR003

Formats: 2x Vinyl 12" EP

Country: Sweden

Release Date: Sep 29, 2022

Styles: Techno House

Deep Sea Seated Concrete Solid
Deep Sea Seated Concrete SolidDeep Sea Seated Concrete SolidDeep Sea Seated Concrete SolidDeep Sea Seated Concrete Solid

But the continuous stream wouldn't provide sufficient answers for long. Observing rudimentary structures sewer sender became tantalized with a vision of reverbation from lower vaults of confinement. Waves reminiscent of solid concrete yet deeply seated below the ocean surface form and merges with the narrow surroundings. Manitou takes the first step by setting a clear form for something deep seated. Proceeding extends the notion of martinous inaugural appointment "Procedure" with a take on industrial drums reverbing from the depths. Never (Anthem) takes the first part of the EP to fruition with stripped anthemic stabs and alarms to a strict and cleanly distorted beat. Jargon solidifies concrete solid with enigmatic percussions over jaunty kick patterns. I have lost again focus on a dramatic narrative with hypnotic vocal stabs rolling over an intense kick and climatic builds. Needlessness frames the entire release combining both the concrete solid and the deep sea seated with again a take on martinous inaugural release "Needless" leaving the frail thematic stab subdued by syncopated kicklike percussion and soaring hihats to create a toollike appearance.

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