Rings Around Saturn
All Things Shining


Label: Best Effort

Catno: BE012

Formats: 1x Vinyl LP Album Stereo

Country: Australia

Release Date: Sep 9, 2023

Styles: Ambient Leftfield IDM

All Things Shining
All Things ShiningAll Things Shining

It would be insufficient to call Rory McPike “prolific”; it does a disservice to the depth and breadth of his oeuvre as Rings Around Saturn, Cactus Head, Bleekman, 2200, Dan White, and as one half of Turner St. Sound. His work can be broken into a litany of different genres, but at the heart of it all lies an endlessly explorative spirit with a restless desire for expression. This impulse spans his diverse body of work and all the different facets of his musical practice.

‘All Things Shining’ touches on ambient, electroacoustic studies and filmic/VGM composition, but outside of these references, it stands as a beautiful suite of songs and a testament to the power of the creative impulse. Best Effort is proud to present the realization of Rory's vision.

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