Drie Nul Drie

Label: De Lichting


Formats: 2x Vinyl LP Album Compilation

Country: Netherlands

Release Date: Jun 19, 2023

Styles: Breakbeat Techno Tech House Acid

Drie Nul Drie

After four years, De Lichting is back with a new double album: Drie Nul Drie!

This fresh addition to the infamous compilation series revolves around a central theme: The 303 Acid Bassline.

The double LP format has always been the weapon of choice for the crew when it comes to implementing diversity in their musical story.

Despite the 303 being a rather limited concept, everyone within the collective finds a unique way to approach this classic element that has been rinsed for decades.

From the typical techno bomb of “MJM002” to the sneaky after hours tech gem “5421”, or the Detroit influenced chill-out cut “Tool”, the album bursts with playfulness and creativity, while coming together logically sound wise.

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