Cheval Detroit LP


Label: Lumbago

Catno: LMBG12

Formats: 3x Vinyl LP Album Stereo

Country: France

Release Date: Jan 1, 2022

Styles: Techno Electro House Ambient Wave & Synth

Cheval Detroit LP
Cheval Detroit LPCheval Detroit LP

Oyez ! Oh yeah ! Cheval Detroit is here! Mmmh presents his new project with his most accomplished piece of music, a triple albummmh curated in his Parisian basement aka the sm dungeon.

For 2 years, Mmmh has seen no other light than his own computer screen. No need, indeed, to confront the world and its urban apocalypse when you have a vessel shaped to produce light and hope. Hidden behind a rough cover, we have no doubt the music will penetrate your heart.

As in a video game experience, you can dive and evolve in his childish world, level after level, adventure after adventure. This very colorful album is not your usual techno tool - It jumps from aquatic and dancefloor beats to hopeful ambient textures, or fast paced, funky and threatening techno. We must warn you : This is highly addictive.

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