Liquid Earth
The Electronic Brain EP


Label: Liquid Earth Physical

Catno: LEP001

Formats: 1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP

Country: US

Release Date: Oct 19, 2022

Styles: House Rave & Trance Acid

The Electronic Brain EP
The Electronic Brain EPThe Electronic Brain EP

Taylor Freels, who made his name a decade or so ago as Urulu, has traditionally used the Liquid Earth alias to deliver more hallucinatory, tactile and saucer-eyed excursions informed by his love of ambient techno, early tech-house, and breakbeat-driven British records of the mid 1990s. He continues this tendency on his latest Liquid Earth outing, first setting his stall out with 'The Electronic Brain' - a 21st century blast-from-the-past that combines crunchy '90s tech-house beats and occasional blasts of breakbeats with deep bleep techno style bass, Psychic Warriors ov Gaia-esque electronics and decidedly trippy electronic motifs. The glassy-eyed, 6AM-at-Megadog feel continues on 'Vetcor Boy and the Horse With Three Legs', while 'Bubble Pop' has a mid-90s San Fancisco free party flex (especially when the acid lines come in) and 'Stingray Shuffle' is a killer slab of revivalist bleep weightiness.

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