Jack Studies



Catno: GIN012

Formats: 1x Vinyl 10" White Label

Country: Germany

Release Date: Invalid date

Styles: Experimental

Jack Studies

Our fellow musician and sound researcher Stas Sharifullin, known as HMOT, presents his report Jack Studies in the form of a release on the Instrument, Gost Zvuk sublabel. Formally, it is a reissue of his single Prolegomena to Home Music Ontology, released in 2017 on Cyland. But these old tracks have been expanded, remastered by Rupert Clervaux and complemented by the two new ones. HMOT originally prepared the tracks on Jack Studies for release on Gost Zvuk, so these instrumentations are finally coming home after a long journey. Context is everything - and in the new environment, this music speaks even louder.

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