Mecánica Clásica
Mar Interior

Label: Abstrakce Records

Catno: ABST 020

Formats: 1x Vinyl LP

Country: Spain

Release Date: Mar 1, 2021

Styles: Ambient Experimental

Mar Interior
Mar InteriorMar Interior

Mecanica Clasica draw on the rich history and culture of the ancient Mediterranean on their stunning new album Mar Interior, which roughly translates as Inland Sea. Kosmische and fourth world music are the main references as the group distill the history and legacy of ancient civilizations into eight cinematic tracks that sound both futuristic yet mythological. The work of Craig Leon, Brian Eno and Cluster is a clear influence here, while environmental recordings add to the spaced out ambient synths and gently pulsing rhythms. Shimmering, hypnotic and mystic, this is as immersive and expressive as worldy ambient sounds get.

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