Fiction Life
Basic Moves 17


Label: Basic Moves

Catno: BM17

Formats: 1x Vinyl 12"

Country: Belgium

Release Date: Jan 16, 2023

Styles: House Techno

Basic Moves 17
Basic Moves 17Basic Moves 17Basic Moves 17

Basic Moves 17 reignites the Brussels–New York connection with an EP from Reade Truth (Path, Planet E, Sonic Groove) under his Fiction Life guise, comprising six original Techno cuts from the now Berlin-based producer and DJ.
‘’One of New York's early pioneers of techno and DJ culture, Reade Truth has been an integral part of the cities' techno history. His first of over two dozen releases came out in 1994 on the Brooklyn underground acid label, Direct Drive. Since then, his releases have made many a mark on labels like Path, Sonic Groove, Planet E and more.’’
Across the ‘Basic Moves 17’ release, Reade delivers a selection of psychedelia infused techno cuts featuring vocals from the man himself on the downbeat opener "Social Overload" which lays down skippy, frenetic drums with eerie synth lines and gritty bass stabs before ‘Soul To Soul’ as the name would suggest showcases the soul of the Techno sound with intricate melodies, acid bass grooves and dynamic percussion. Classic Track "Power of Ideas" follows next, reworked from his 1998 1st Qtr EP, fusing dubbed-out string sequences, squelchy acid licks over a crisp house groove.
The c-side opens with ‘Cerebrum Crush’, fuelled by tumbling bass flutters, murky stabs and heavily swung drums before ‘The Present Moment’ merges unfurling synth melodies with vacillating bass notes and saturated drums. "From the Ashes" rounds out the release with hypnotic female vocals from guest Natasha Romanova, trippy off- beat stabs, expansive synth echoes and organic percussion throughout.

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