Front De Cadeaux
We Slowly Riot

Label: Antinote

Catno: ATN056

Formats: 2x Vinyl 12"

Country: Belgium

Release Date: Jul 31, 2022

Styles: Downtempo Dub Tribal Bass Music

We Slowly Riot

An oddly familiar/familiarly odd entity floating about the relatively cohesive surface of contemporary electronic music, Belgium-via-Italy based duo Front De Cadeau has been knocking genres askew and blowing overused terminologies out of the water with unrelenting panache over the past decade. Championing a sound unmoored by vanishing trends and cross-pollinating approaches, F2C punch back in on Antinote with their anticipated debut album, “We Slowly Riot”, an 8-track mishmash of tunes previously released and not.

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