The Irresistible Force Ramjac Corporation
Live At The Brain 1990


Label: Musique Pour La Danse

Catno: MPD035

Formats: 1x Vinyl LP

Country: Switzerland

Release Date: Mar 25, 2022

Styles: Ambient House Acid

Live At The Brain 1990
Live At The Brain 1990Live At The Brain 1990

An historical live recording at The Brain Club that captures the unique vibe and flow of a brand new life-changing musical era in 1990 London Soho. Includes liner notes by The Brain club co-owner Sean McLusky, writer ("Bass, Mids, Tops") and DJ Joe Muggs and original sleeve art by the other The Brain club co-owner Mark Wigan, like you were back there. For fans of ambient, acid house, and fucking brilliant live music!!

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