Not Here, But Somewhere


Label: Maloca

Catno: MLC002

Formats: 1x Vinyl 12"

Country: Belgium

Release Date: Jun 26, 2020

Styles: Tribal Techno Breakbeat

Not Here, But Somewhere

United in their eclecticism, the six cuts that comprise “Not Here, But Somewhere'' reveal a broad spectrum of musical influences. They are statements in an age in which influence is omni-directional, and in which the pace of artistic invention outstrips the ability of observers to identify and reify sub-genres. Although each track presents a unique approach, “Cadena,” “Sans Titre,” and “Door to the River'' reflect the continuing global suffusion of Latin American and Carribean styles such as reggaeton and dancehall. Simultaneously, the duo of “While” and “Hot Half” suggest the ongoing dialogue of techno, electro, and industrial music and the interstices between them. “Mid-Winter Burning Sun” invokes the intensity of American trap music with its booming bass while touching equally upon the feel of early dubstep.

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