Volta Cab DJ Overdose Cardopusher
Bundesautobahn 98 EP


Label: Hypress

Catno: Lubree001

Formats: 1x Vinyl 12"

Country: Germany

Release Date: Oct 28, 2022

Styles: Electro EBM & Industrial

Bundesautobahn 98 EP
Bundesautobahn 98 EPBundesautobahn 98 EP

Volta Cab mints the new Hypress label with two original tracks of his signature electro, which has previously found a home on labels like Bordello A Parigi and MM Discos. 'Bundesautobahn 98' is a romantic, uplifting piece with stirring keys pealing out over the crisp beats, while 'Magic Carpet Ride' has a freakier mission which heads straight into the dark basements of EBM and coldwave. DJ Overdose offers a remix of 'Bundesautobahn 98' which strips things down to a gravelly pulse, and then Cardopusher tackles 'Magic Carpet Ride' and turns it into bubbling acid workout to set the death disco off good n' proper.

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