Nathan Boost
45 Society



Catno: NMTAPES001

Formats: 1x cassette Cassette

Country: Belgium

Release Date: Jan 31, 2022

Styles: Breakbeat Acid Ambient

45 Society

A new imprint by Nowadays Magazine has seen the light of day. Introducing NMTAPES.

NMTAPES will focus on releasing both old and new, concentrating on quality electronics in the broadest sense of the genre.

For its first release NMTAPES is featuring the debut EP from Antwerp native, Nathan Boost.

Hailing from the North of Antwerp, Nathan Boost quickly captured the atmosphere of Antwerp’s underground music scene. A scene that has
shaped his own musical taste and sound. “Antwerp has quite a lot to offer when it comes to music. Throughout the years I started following a lot of concepts, of all kinds of genres. It really influenced me in what I'm making today.” - Nathan Boost

In the past couple of years, his love for synthesizers has grown immensely. Ever since he started obsessively flicking through their manuals, he became more and more familiar with the hardware. It was clear that after a while he was ready to get to work and start to create his own “Boost” sound.

His debut album 45 Society is the result of 2 years of hard work. The result? An endless haze of breakbeat, ambient and acid sounds. All packed together in a solid 8 track dancefloor filler that will fit in any club setting.

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